Sunday, August 17, 2014

{Haul} Another August Haul! :)

It's a beautiful day (it's weekend!) and I would love 
to make a quick update for you all girls. 
This isn't a review, It's just a random post haha :)
I'm in the 'English mood' now so I will write this post in English.  
My English isn't really good but I hope you can still enjoy this post :p

Well actually this gonna be a very short post because I simply just wanna show you 
the products that I recently got :)

You may call this HAUL post but I did make a post of my haul here so I don't know, 
should I call this as a haul post too? :')

Well, the first product that I wanna show is...

I've been wanting to try this since couple months ago and I finally could get my hands on it. 
I haven't tried it yet but promise you, soon I will try it on hehe :3
I got the newest shade, No. 10 Heartless Coral and it's just a perfect coral shade for me! 
I've bought some coral-ish lip products before and surprisingly 
this coral shade is exactly the coral shade that I really want!
I'm gonna review it soon!
Stay tune! 

Some friends of mine told me that they saw these as cakes, but nope! Hehe
They are actually homemade soaps and yes, they definitely look like yummy cakes :p
I ordered them (this isn't an endorsement) from
last week and after lil accident with the shipping, I finally could smell them on my hands. 
They look good and smell AWESOME. 
I've never tried this kind of soap before and I like it so much!
The owner assure me that these homemade soaps are paraben free, 
SLS free and totally safe for sensitive skin like mine.
Who wants me to review them? 
You tell me on the comment box below :)

Last but not least, a skin care product that have always been in my wishlist cart. 

SK II!!!

I read so many good reviews of it and finally....finally I have a chance to try it!!!
I didn't buy this (lucky me!). This is given to me for FREE, woo hoo!
So, couple weeks ago Nihonmart Beauty contacted me to review 
their products and they wanted to give me the cleansing oil at first 
but then I told them that want to try this
product since it is a 'HOLY GRAIL' of almost (yes, almost) every woman out there.

Lucky me, they approved my request :D
They kindly gave this away for me and yesterday this product arrived safely to my house. 
I'm so happy and I can't wait to see the result on my tired+dry+dull skin :')

I've tried it last night and I'm going to use it regularly. 
Oh, I got mine in 30ml mini bottle. Not a full size version but I'm still happy :)

If you want to shop various Japanese brand products, 
you may visit and shop in Nihonmart Beauty
They provide quite large range of beauty products, from head to toe.
The price is quite reasonable too!

Well, what do you think? 
I would love to read your comments below. I always do. 
Please excuse my bad grammar :3
Thank you for reading!

Have a great weekend and see you super soon!


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