Friday, October 11, 2013

[Random Post] Random Post. Random Photos. Random Thoughts. In English.

Yeeeesss! It is MIDNIGHT (1:37 a.m) and i'm still fully awake rite now LOL.
This is a random post and i don't know why suddenly i want to write this random post in English. Well, actually i do really want to write this post in Korean too *uhuk sok banget saya* but...i still don't have any courage to do so .__. Sorry...Even though i'm a Korean language teacher, i still have no courage to make long post in Korean. Maybe i'll post time, hehe :p

Before i go to far, i'll tell you first; my English grammar isn't really good so please excuse me if you find any mistake here and there in this post LOL. Please i beg you, you may correct my words but please don't judge me hehe :p I'm still a beginner and this is my first time; publish a post in English, not in Bahasa :3

Well, what should we talk about first?
Hmm, maybe about what kind of products that i usually use for my daily basis this month?
Hehehe...i'll show you the products that i currently love these days <3

Haha...yes, those are my favorite stuffs at the moment :D Local yet easy to find brand stuffs.
I'm not into high end brand (yes, i still don't have budget to buy high end brand). Well, to be honest i like them, i mean i always tempted to try them everytime i see another bloggers' reviews abut high end brand but yeah, i still can't afford them rite now xD 
Maybe next time, hehe...
But these product aren't really bad though. They suit my skin very well, that's the most important thing cause my skin is super duper sensitive ;A;

Anyway, actually this is not important at all. But this is a random post, rite? Haha...

Face on Face Compact Powder! I just bought this compact powder about few days ago and so far i have no problem with it :)
Not the best one but still good enough. I'm still looking for the best compact powder (with low price of course) for my skin, so if you have any recommended compact powder please let me know ^^ I'll so much appreciate your recommendation, hehe.
I love its packaging; pink!

One of my favorite lip tints! I already reviewed it here. Please kindly check it out too ^^

By the way, since i was in high school i always want to try curly hair style but if should go to hairdresser to get it done, it'll be so expensive and you know i won't spend my money for that kind of stuff at the moment but coincidentally a few weeks ago i found a unique stuff in an accessories shop hehe. I felt so lucky that time, haha.

This is it :D

 Okay gals, i feel so awkward now .__. I do really want to explain to you all how it works, how its texture etc but suddenly i don't how to tell you all in English huhu. Totally blank hahaha. Maybe i'm just too afraid with my not-so-good English ability -__- So embarrasssing. Feel so silly now hahahaha.
I'll post about it in another post next time IN BAHASA, i promise ^^
I love this stuff <3 I've tried it for few times and i love the result xD So easy to use :)
Gahhh, OK. I'll post it again next time hahaha.

And here are my photos after using them a couple days ago :p
It looks so natural in photos and no chemicals stuffs involved! Yay! ~~~
Will use it again and again hahahaha~

How do i look? :p These photos were taken a couple days ago, just before i went to office.
A friend said that i look so mature with this curly hair LOL. Yes, i feel so mature and feminine with this hair style :P I love my curly hair xD

Well, i think that's all for now. I feel so embarrassed now, my English is super duper meeehh...
Thanks for reading my random post, hope you all will still like my blog after this LOL

See you soon gals. Love youuu sooooo much!


Raisa Angelin



  1. Replies
    1. Thank youuuu kak Sasha <3 <3 hehe you are so pretty toooo~

  2. hihi bagus rambutnya sa stlah dikriwil2 :D

  3. Replies
    1. haha, nggak kak :D itu cuma pengaruh filter dan make up aja. aslinya tidaklah sebagus itu T__T

  4. Hello Dear,
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  5. kakaak cantik sekalii,, jadi keliatan lebih fresh lho pake rambut kruel2 gitu,,hihi

  6. I love the way you did your hair! Very nice curls!~ :)

  7. Hallo Raisa.
    bli dman curly nya trz harga ny brp?

    1. Halo juga :D Belinya di Pasar Besar Palangka Raya dan harganya sekitar 30an ribu *lupaa* hehehe :D


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